Dear Grandma, We’re Having a Family Reunion

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” — Jane Howard

In honor of my late grandmother Lucy Robinson, I dedicate this Friday post to her as today marks the start of our first family reunion celebration.

My mom being one of grandmothers ten children, it’s often quite difficult for our family gatherings to extend past her siblings and their spouse/kids. As a result, at my grandmother’s funeral, I met a lot of my mom’s first cousins for the first time.

As the repast transitioned from a time of mourning to celebrating, the idea of having a family reunion emerged. Excited about the opportunity to meet more of my family, I championed the idea. However, knowing my family after a couple of weeks, I lost hope that it would actually come together.

Fortunately, thanks to the commitment of a few select family members, we are here today. What a blessing.

The week before my grandma’s passing, I was home for Father’s Day and go to see her. That Friday evening, I spent with her. I had no idea it would be our final interaction. That although she’d be alive for another six days that I’d have no more days with her.

Beloved, time is ticking. And although it’s better late than never, I wish my grandma could be here to participate in the reunion because she loved family.

Nonetheless, I encourage you all to be intentional about facilitating family gatherings. Because memories live forever, people do not.

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